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“It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!”
1. Give your mobile phone number
2. Open the text message you receive
3. Start bidding from your phone!

What is mobile bidding? How will I use it?

Upon check-in at our event, the silent auction becomes available right on your smart phone! At the check-in table, you will give your cell phone number and/or email address and will instantly receive an email and/or text message that includes a link to begin the silent auction bidding process. Your bid number is attached to your email/cell phone number and you will easily bid on any silent auction item right on the screen of your phone!

As soon as you click the text message and/or email link, you will easily browse packages and begin placing your bets right on your smart phone screen. Scroll through all items and easily hit a button to place your bid!  Maximum bids can even be placed to increase your odds of winning! Enjoy the convenience of mingling and networking, while keeping a close eye on the silent auction item you want right from your cell phone! Anytime someone out bids you on one of your items, you will instantly get a friendly text message alerting you and giving you the convenience to bid again without having to run back to a clipboard half way across the ballroom. Talk about fun, exciting and convenient!

Bring your fully charged cell phones on April 11th and get ready for a new, fun, and convenient way to participate in our silent auction.

Tips to remember the Night of April 11th:

If you are a guest attending the Roast & Toast, at check-in:

  1. Provide the check-in volunteer with your complete name.
  2. Verify that your correct cell phone number is on file and provide an email address.
  3. An automated welcome text message will be sent to you, containing your unique bidder URL. Click open the link and you are now ready to bid in the silent auction!
  4. If you do not receive a text message within 5 minutes of checking in, please inform one of our volunteers immediately.*

What to Expect as a Mobile Bidder:

Bidding (Using your Smartphone or Tablet)

  1. unnamed-7Click on the link provided in the welcome text message.
  2. View available Silent Auction packages by keyword, category, or by item number.
  3. Click the Details/Bid button to bid on a package.
  4. You can “watch” a bid progress, place the next highest bid, or place a maximum bid.
  5. If you place the highest maximum bid on a specific package, the site will automatically place a bid for you until your maximum bid is reached. The system will tell you if you are outbid via text. If you want to continue bidding, just increase your maximum bid.
  6. If you would like to make a general donation to Horizons, there is a Donate button location on your home screen.

Bidding Using a “Bid Buddy”

  1. Forgot your phone? No Problem! Locate a friendly Bid Buddy volunteer ready and eager to help you bid! Bid Buddies are located in the ballrooms walking around with Tablets and iPads. Visit the “Tech Bar” near the silent auction tables if you cannot locate a Bid Buddy or need to power up!
  2. Give the Bid Buddy volunteer your bidder number (Shhhh!  It’s the same as what’s on your paddle).
  3. Verify that your name on the screen is correct.
  4. Let the Bid Buddy know the number or name of the package you would like to bid on.
  5. Give the Bid Buddy the amount you would like to bid. And your done!

During the Bidding Time Period:

  1. Keep an eye on your phone – it will let you know if you have been outbid.
  2. Want to keep a closer eye on your items?  Keep an eye on any of your items by going to “My Bids”, which is the blue button on the right hand side of the home screen.
  3. Battery running low? Visit the “Tech Bar” to charge up!

Silent Auction closes at 8pm

  1. Watch the time throughout the evening! Silent auction closes at 8pm. The attendee with the highest bid wins!  You will receive a text message if you were the highest bidder. (You can also check you winning packages under “My Bids”.)
  2. Upon exiting the event, please retrieve your winning items at “Check-Out” before you leave. If you do not have a Credit Card on file, you will need to be prepared to pay upon Check-Out.


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