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building community,
transforming lives.

$52,500 Grant Award from the Beazley Foundation

Posted May 9, 2019

Horizons Hampton Roads is the proud grant recipient of $52,500 from the Beazley Foundation.

Founded in 1948 with fundMr. Beazleys provided by Mr. Beazley, his wife, Marie C. Beazley and son Fred Jr., the Beazley Foundation focuses on the needs of community and young people – consistent with the concerns of Mr. Fred W. Beazley, the founder.

Healthcare, housing, education, recreation and like concerns have resulted in substantial Foundation grants to an array of organizations and programs serving southeastern Virginia. The Beazley Foundation supports various community programs, ranging from recreation centers for both adults and children, to housing projects, endowed college scholarships and human needs. Hundreds of low-income public school students served by Horizons Hampton Roads benefit from the Beazley Foundation’s generous support and commitment to education. Horizons changes how students look at the world, the future, and themselves. Thank you Beazley Foundation! Together we are inspiring minds, building community, and transforming lives!