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Horizons Hampton Roads is a summer educational enrichment program for low-income public school students.

For fifteen years, this successful summer program has enabled educational opportunities for children from low-income families.  Horizons invites students from kindergarten through eighth grade to experience academic and enrichment opportunities.  Students benefit from hands-on Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) programs, dedicated certified reading specialists, project-based learning endeavors, interesting lessons that build life skills, weekly enrichment field trips throughout the community, and swimming instruction.

The Horizons program is offered through a private-public partnership.  Nearly 375 students from 63 different Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach public schools take classes five days a week on the campuses of independent schools:  Norfolk Collegiate, Portsmouth Catholic Regional, and Chesapeake Bay Academy.  With support from both the public school systems and the independent school partners, this successful collaboration has grown each year since the program’s inception.

Horizons Hampton Roads is proud to boast tangible, meaningful results for its students.  Year after year students test in reading and math both at the beginning and end of the summer session.  And year after year, the program has proven to raise students abilities an average of 2-3 months in both reading and math.  Of note, the students who are the furthest behind, tend to gain the most knowledge, making a significantly positive impact on their readiness to begin the next school year.  Horizons is a successful proven method to fight the achievement gap and offset the summer slide.

Horizons helps students gain confidence in school and prepares them for the next school year.  This translates to a significant decline in the drop-out rate and an increase in the number of students continuing their education beyond high school.  The Horizons program shows disadvantaged children a path to success, and gives them the skills to achieve that success.

Horizons Hampton Roads is a local affiliate of Horizons National.

"Summer learning is the key to changing our American educational system."

– Dr. Milton Chen, Keynote Speaker,
National Conference on Summer Learning, National Summer Learning Association, November 2011

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Horizons Hampton Roads is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Virginia non-profit corporation established to provide academic and social opportunities to school-age children living in families with limited income from kindergarten through eighth grades.

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